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Nancy, releasing under the pseudonym NOVA Halo is an independent musician, cirque artiste dropout, astronomy alumni, unlicensed pilot and couturier. Her whimsical pursuits sharing a common romantic thread, reflected in her music both aesthetically and philosophically. 
Fabricating from London’s maritime metropolis Greenwich, her music is self-described as alt pop/rock. Incorporating shoegazer, noise and symphonic rock with elements of power pop and sprinklings of multi-national folk motifs. Citing influences and inspiration from whimsical western predecessors such as Prince, Grimes, Jeff Buckley, Aphrodite's Child, Pixies, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-  to mid 2000s Japanese pop rarities such as Olivia Lufkin, childhood fantasy RPGs, mysticism, the Dune and Alien sagas and more.
NOVA Halo's live initiation began by playing the intervals at cabaret and burlesque nights, after invitation from a dance teacher. Then sparking headline shows and festival invites from radio DJs and LGBTQ+ Pride committees, before eventually earning the attention of local promoters. 

Spanning both mainstream and subculture appeal, NOVA Halo’s festival slots to date include the East of England Burlesque Festival, The Honeysuckle Revue, both Northumberland & Dover’s first ever LGBTQ Pride protests and East Sussex’s Faerie Festival. With notable appearances at historic London venues so far including The Water Rats, Soho's Phoenix Artist Bar, St. Moritz, the legendary 100 Club and more. 

NOVA Halo's debut release saw the AEROTROPOLIS Trilogy EP;  featuring the quasi-operatic celestial ballad 'Astral Plane', the upbeat ethereal pop-punk hymn 'Angel Eggz' and the harrowing space opera 'Steel Halo'. The trilogy gained international attention from London to Tokyo to Nashville, quickly attracting collaborations with the likes of Andy Cousin [All About Eve, The Mission] Will Crewdson [Scant Regard, Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant] and Tom Monks [9 Below Zero, Breaking News]. 
 Since the debut AEROTROPOLIS Trilogy, several standalone singles have been released. Including Star Jewel Baby, XX Dream, AVATAR and many more yet to come.