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My voice is stifled, my hands are bound

Rolling around on uneven ground

Desperate for certainty, for your affection

What if I'm looking in the wrong direction

Coming to terms with unbalanced scales

Spare me for sake of's and dead end trails

Lock the door and twist the sign

I'll resist touching what is not mine

Something was missing in your touch

As I searched for affirmation in your lifeless clutch

But it's not the first, won't be the last

Doesn't hurt like it did in the past

Kiss me with your presence

Will I have to seek self repentance

Remind me of your love, it kills me to ask


My dear I've been here before

Only then my wounds were raw

It's only inevitable some point you will fall

Sometimes you have to get your hopes up to get up at all

I only wish you happiness, everything you need

Even if it means without me

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