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nova halo nancy gorman i drove all night

The first NOVA Halo cover produced by Tom Monks is out now! We hope you enjoy it, and I'm excited for the next release, which will be an original :)

Nancy xox

XX Dream NOVA Halo Nancy Gorman
XX DREAM 22.11.2020

XX Dream is out now! This one's for all the naughty people on erotic adventures in lucid dream time, for anyone who's ever felt conflicted, and for everyone who's taken the time to listen <3

Nancy from NOVA Halo xx

Nova Halo Star Jewel Baby Nancy Gorman
STAR JEWEL BABY 10.10.2020

Star Jewel Baby is out now! a melody triangle of Marco Meloni, Tom Monks and me. This song is about loss and oneness.

Nancy from NOVA Halo xx

nova halo tom monks nancy gorman steel h

This was spontaneously conjured in a ridiculously short window of time by musical wizard & genius Tom Monks in the lockdown vault. I really love this rendition of Steel Halo and just don't believe there can be too much clavichord. I think I've found my genre, Cathedral Pop. Not really- who wants to be bound!

Nancy from NOVA Halo xx

STEEL HALO 18.08.2020

Steel Halo [P]re-imagined and characteristic to it's elasti-timed being ness, re-released!

ANGEL EGZZ Scant Regard Remix 17.07.2020

I met Scant via a dance teacher and mentor of mine, Rachel Darq, who was hosting the Rock n Roll Cabaret in Camden, I was really stoked to play the same night as Scant and I’m even more so to have this dream collab- I hope you enjoy the Scant Regard Angel Eggz remix and check out Scant’s art 💖

Nancy from NOVA Halo xx

Angel Eggz Nancy Gorman Nova Halo

Me last night: *obnoxious post tea sip exhale* wow to think that in less than two hours time i will be rich and famous but most importantly gain recognition for the artistic genius that i am and have always been, tonight i will savour my final moments of peasantry before my anthem of the eon Angel Eggz is hatched.

Me now: ANGEL EGGZ has hatched! your angel eggz are your loved, gifts and services to the world- I hope you enjoy!

Nancy from NOVA Halo xx

nancy gorman astral plane nova halo
NOVA Halo's debut single release ASTRAL PLANE 19.01.19

Image by Neil Lewis, track written and performed by Nancy Gorman, produced by Marco Meloni. Astral Plane is dedicated to the ones we miss, and re-communing with them dead or alive.

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