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Astral Plane is dedicated to the ones we miss and re-commune with, alive or dead.


'This song is quite old really, half a decade old, though the sonic vision became clearer by habit of performance, an ethereal pop-punk hymn. Angel Eggz is a contemporary and admittedly simplified ode to exercising liberty and choosing love over fear whilst rejecting/challenging oppression. Your Angel Eggz are your joys, gifts, and services to the world. Angel Eggz is about identifying what is beyond control, taking the wheel on what you can, pursuing passion, and abandoning injurious philosophies. To fulfill your dreams and consequently, the righteous collective's in pursuit of global harmony.
The story of Angel Eggz follows a protagonist who during their human incarnation rebels against an oppressive regime provoking their assigned local solar system. An age old tale, recurrently identifiable. Challenge any fool who consciously or unconsciously plays it acceptable to dominate and exploit you or others and don't put your stuff on hold for motherfuckers who don't give a shit about you outside of their benefit or take measures to prevent you from your nirvana.'

Nancy xx


Steel Halo is the final single release of the AER0TR0P0LIS Trilogy. I feel like Steel Halo is the zenith of AER0TR0P0LIS, encapsulating the overall theme that inspired this era of songs. I hoped to interpret and share that vivid neural landscape that propelled me in the years leading up to AER0TR0P0LIS' conception.

Steel Halo presents a flexi-time, multi-incarnation, heightened sensory/dreamlike anecdote. A reverie's interpretation and attempt to resolve a rendered [maybe warped and romanticised] record of experiences.

To evoke the hyper emotive stirring of this immaterial domain that hijacked my brain, I tried to convert it into something tangible and pop. I felt ethereal quasi operatics and incantations, surfing an array of erratic guitars, colossal synths, bottomless bass and primal drums, all coalescing to form an empyrean sonic tsunami. I hope there is some inkling of that in its reception, or at least arousal lol.

This took a long time to get 'right' and still doesn't feel fully realised [my futile resistance in accepting recording experience vs. live experience may be to blame]. The inspiration ever-morphing and the further expansion as opposed to refinement, wanting to merge every version ever into one recording was quite simply by the laws of physics impossible lol.

I will forever grieve for the aural ghosts of Steel Halo's previous sonic apparitions and un-actualised seeds, but I'm relieved for the track to finally exist in a space where I can, at last, let go of comparatively old work and move on.

A demo was made accessible in September 2019, though I feel as if this version is [p]re-imagined and eons closer to the original idea. I hope you enjoy Steel Halo.  And stay tuned for the Cathedral Mix coming 22.08.2020, produced by the incredible Tom Monks.

Nancy xx


Some of this song was written in the Greenwich foot tunnel where I was busking, some of it at night uni where I was doing astronomy [hence the references I spose] and being a bad student and some of it improvised by aural angels Tom Monks & Marco Meloni. Star Jewel Baby is about being less fussed about dying, for the idea of being one with the source and losses. Not necessarily in an afterlife or individualistic experience as we know it, just at peace. My familiar had died prematurely by disease. The first verse describes death and the vastness of space, gas and dust [which we were studying at the time] in the interstellar medium which we are birthed from, but also referencing remains, like ash. Carbon, cremation... The world watching the ship go by is a metaphor for the loved ones witnessing the passing. The chorus says I'll think of you everywhere I go and one day join you. The second verse describes the angelic perception and notion of divine service and intervention of the 'lost' one. The final chorus relates the love to space time, how love survives death as starlight survives by relativity [yeah there are holes in the metaphors as the light eventually goes out, let's say that's the death and re-communion of everything, it's just poetry init] at the time I was surrounded by a bit of Taoism which I think had a bit of influence too. Astral Plane shares the vein of yearning, but Star Jewel Baby is more somber and existential, though I think still retains gayness with love as a celebration rather than an anguish.

I hope you like it! Till next month's track, Nancy xx

Pink Clouds

21.11.20 XX DREAM


The narrative of XX Dream revolves around a conflicted protagonist who is wondering if they are repressing their sexuality due to societal stigma [the x's in the title refer to the chromosomes of the subject's same sex 'object' of desire] and the ecstasies they experience in lucid dream time fulfilling their secret desires. The protagonist ponders whether anything needs to be announced at all, as who's business is it anyway, but also considers that the dreams are not a match to reality and that to fulfill the acts in waking life would be another experience, as the desires fulfilled in the dream are entirely projection and not a mirror of 'consensus reality' experience.

The protagonist expresses frustration when their episodes of fun are cut short by waking as a result of sunlight or whatever else and comes to no conclusion on whether to pursue their dreams in waking life. 

So this track is for all the naughty people using their lucidity for erotic adventures and anyone who's wondered themselves, but most of all for all who have listened and continue to listen to our music :) 

Nancy xx

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