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Has studying astronomy affected your writing? 



Not at least with the songs released so far  which were penned pre-studying astronomy, although I have been inspired by some concepts which might feature in future releases. 


When did you start singing? Are you classically trained?



I always find that a bit of a funny question cause singing wasn't something I [or imagine other people] just 'started' to do but I spose there must be people who have done that. I always liked singing, we did a lot of singing in school because of the hymns and I loved it cause everyone had an excuse to go mad cause it was in the name of God lol. I'm not classically trained, I didn't have lessons when I was growing up but I think it would be a good thing to do now. It is funny actually cause I used to be in a punk band and the leader had told one or some of them that I was classically trained hahaha. 


Do you make your costumes?

Rejane W.


Yay my first question! I have been asked this quite a bit in real life actually, I looove costume. Some of my costume I have made, the rest is made by my friend Maurice [Made by Maurice] or found on Etsy mostly. Now that I'm not in school I will hopefully be making more costume and selling it too. 

I have offered bespoke costume in the past under the name Astral Apparel, but that went on hold while I finished school. I am excited to finish some scalemaille pieces I started and revive my shop. Right now I'm working on a special limited edition piece [only a few of this pendant were made] which I'm hoping to bring to Faerie Fest this year!

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