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Nancy Gorman, 25, front woman of Nova Halo is a singer, musician, aerial dancer, astronomy student and even finds time to learn to become a pilot.

Where are you at in your singing career?

At the moment I’m doing private events as well as shows with NOVA Halo. NOVA Halo is an amalgamation of concepts that have inspired me for near the last decade, and friends I’ve progressively made on the local music scene. Sound wise, the music incorporates elements of chamber pop, electronica and shoegazer. We’ve played gigs in pubs and clubs throughout London and as far as Northumberland and Sussex so far. We’ve three shows on the way and more to be confirmed which can be found on

How did you get into music?
I’ve always been musically inclined, I loved singing hymns in school and later took myself to open mics, I also found music gigs through dance. The dance scene showed me independent London shows looking for interval music. Open mics allowed me to connect, write and gig with other musicians.

Have you produced any tracks?
I’ve featured on a few records previous to my own writing and am currently co-producing the Nova Halo mini album AER0TR0P0LIS with my good friend and music partner Marco Meloni. Most recently I featured on EOSVOX’s debut album ‘Drippin’’ with a synth wave version of Angel Eggz. He’s a really talented producer, and fellow Eltham resident who plays drums in NOVA Halo. 

What inspired you towards dance music? 
I would not say I make dance music, though of course you can dance to all these songs... my early shows were largely playing interval music at burlesque and cabaret nights that I got through word of mouth on the dance scene. They were my foot in the door to other shows and festivals, as well as making connections on the open mic scene,which allows opportunity for getting gigs. I think because of the flamboyant visuals, our music fits appropriately in a cabaret setting, though definitely not limited to that.

Explain what aerial hoop is and how you got into that?
Aerial hoop is like the trapeze only it’s a hoop. I think I first saw it about ten years ago in a circus on Blackheath common and I thought I really fancy that, so when I was old enough to make the money I started to learn at the Aircraft Circus in Woolwich. I was really awful starting out and am now hopefully a bit less awful. I’ve since performed in the Greenwich Circus festival a couple of times, and for 2 years went around the country with a troupe at community festivals and events. This Christmas I hope to perform in the Greenwich Circus Festival again with an act to a NOVA Halo track, like I did last year for our single Astral Plane.

Is anyone in your family from a musical background?
Like the rest of the world my family loves music but in terms of playing or making music my dad and uncle are the only musicians I know of in a generation above me.

How do you develop your singing?
It’s not something I consciously try although I should. I’ve considered taking lessons to improve technique, I’ve always been an intuitive singer.

When and why did you decide to learn to fly?
I’m not sure when exactly I decided to learn to fly. I suppose it’s a form of escapism for want of a kinder word. Growing up with Star Wars, Dune, Alien, the Final Fantasy series etc. surely influenced me. I seem to have an inclination to anything that involves being in the air. I’ve been going relatively slow to finish my license because it’s an expensive pursuit.There is a novel sense of freedom to flying which attracted me. That and being a fantasist / escapist.

You are also into astronomy?

Yeah I’ve always been very interested in space. I just finished Astronomy at UCL and had the privilege to work at the Royal Astronomical Society in that time which was brilliant. But I’m taking a year out of academia to focus on other pursuits, I’m in no rush.

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